Some comments from recent ceremonies


We loved our whole experience and know we made the best choice and got a great start on our life together!

Kyle and Della

Thank you again for performing our wedding ceremony on such short notice. We appreciate your professionalism and hope to see you again when we come out to visit the island

Kim and Scott

Rev Mark thank you for a beautiful day, quaint and intimate just like we wanted. It was a blessing to have you perform our ceremony.

Yvette and Brian

hello mark. often think  of you,  kim & gene. 3-7-08 hope you are doing well. your blessings are still in our marrage.. god bless.  

Kim and Gene

The wedding beyond our dreams!

Mark is now an important part of our lives because he was not only there on the most memorable day of our lives, but he made it better. Mark is a wonderful balance of humor and joy coupled with love and empathy. He not only led us and stood with us, he was PRESENT with us in every way.

Paula and Claudia


...we couldn’t have asked for anything more perfect. We loved how your words complimented ours and the location was spectacular.

We will always remember you fondly.

Helen and Brian 

My husband and I contacted Rev. Mark Alft just a couple (of) weeks prior to our wedding date.

He was attentive, professional, kind and accessible. He made the preparation easy, simple and low-stress.

The ceremony was intimate, beautifully spoken, and he made us and our guests feel completely at ease.

I...feel blessed to have him officiate at our very small and personal wedding...we are forever grateful!!!!

Paula and Darrel


Thank you for the wedding of our dreams!   How do I begin to thank you for the most incredible, simple, elegant, easy experience of my life.  From the very beginning you were wonderful and trustworthy and honorable.

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

Jeff and Cyndi

Thank you! The ceremony was beautiful! It was more than we were expecting. We will cherish the memory forever.

Meiling and Chris

Thank you reverend mark for making our day just that more speacial. Thank you again.

Gerardo and Bernadette 

We want to thank you so much for making our experience on Catalina very memorable. You made us feel at ease, and you made us feel comfortable being ourselves for our wedding. We wouldn’t change a single thing.

Valerie and Joe

Thanks Mark. The Ceremony was lovely! 

Eric and Erica

Thank you Mark! We made it back home safely. Everyone had the best time in Catalina...

Doris and Marcello

Thanks for the great service!  You do solemn encouragement and dignified narration .  I have attended weddings where the jokes were garish or the bible readings were pompous and barely relevant-they did not have your elegance.  Moreover your attention to detail on the paperwork was first rate!  Your service was a wonderful gift to Christina, Glen, and me. Thanks.

Christina and David

Thank you for the wonderful service. 


We would like to say thank you so much for everything and making our special time so easy and smooth!

Nakesha and Donald

Trish and I wanted to express how wonderful our experience was on our wedding day. We also wanted to thank you for recommending the location you did. 

Trish and Mike

Lilly and I wanted to thank you for a beautiful ceremony.

Lilly and Jeff

THANK YOU so much for making our special day memorable and BEAUTIFUL !!!!

Angela and Keith 

Thank you for performing our ceremony it was special and unique...

Bridget and Damon

Hi Mark. Katy and I would like to thank you once again for all your help with our wedding. It couldn't have been more perfect!

Kathy and Greg

Thank you so much mark for making our day very special. 

Tiffany and Filleberto

Thank you so much for all the running around you did to get everything ready for our special day. We really appreciate you doing that for us...Your help & generosity are very much appreciated.

Steve and Margaret

Thank you very much for the beautiful ceremony! We'll never forget our special day! 

Jill and I wanted to thank you for the beautiful ceremony and the pictures.  Your preparation for us was perfect as was the location and weather.  What a perfect day!!

We will highly recommend you to anyone looking for a perfect wedding and minister.

Jill and Larry

Wonderful, simply wonderful. Thank you.

Naomi and Peter

Thank you so much Mark!! That ceremony was perfect! 

Brianna and Kyle

Thank you so much for your patience. We apologize for being late!!  We had a few mishaps in the brides room prior to the wedding...but in the end, it was everything we could have envisioned for our special day. We think you did such an amazing job at creating that beautiful moment that we will always remember. 

Sean and Rachel

Thank you so much!  You put together a beautiful ceremony for us and we were really happy with everything.  I knew from the moment I talked to you that you would be the perfect person to fit our style and I was right.  Thank you for keeping everything light and fun and lovely!

Michelle and Jared

Thank you so much for everything.  We are so grateful, and it was a beautiful service...

Michelle and Daryl

Brian and I appreciate all that you did.  Our special day was amazing!!

Thank you so much.

Brian and Tracy 

Thank you so very much, it was a magically and wonderful day!  

Erin & Trace


Thank you so much we loved the wedding service it was perfect.  You chose the perfect vows for us. 

Felicia and John

As Tim is the shy quiet one, you made him feel relaxed and at ease. ...

Thanks so much again! We are so blessed and happy!

Kathy and Tim

Rev. Alft,

Thank you for a very special ceremony.  Everyone was very happy and asking how long we knew you since it seemed we had known each other for a very long time.  More importantly, Naomi and I loved your readings and we couldn't have been happier.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


David and Naomi


 Mark, kudos for all your hard work and the results.  We continue to receive comments about how wonderful the ceremony was and how great the officiator was!!!  Your warmth and professionalism, and humor and compassion were very evident.  Many have said it was the BEST WEDDING ceremony they have ever seen.  One person who said that was a ministers daughter!  Maybe people just say that after a wedding always to make the couple feel good about it all, but the way people are saying it, I get the impression they are sincere.  I certainly agree.  You incorporated all the elements that were important and yet kept it short. 

David and Charmaine